Investing in Newport’s Future – A Shared Commitment & Responsibility


Improving Educational Outcomes

• Maintaining Newport’s competitive edge

– Student Mindset
– Motivation & Self-Belief
– Engaging Diverse Student Body
– Multiple Opportunities & Pathways
– 21st Century Learning

• Career- and college-ready opportunities

• CTE programs parallel employer needs

• Improvement in student engagement

• Building our community – One Newport

We Are Failing Our Students, Staff and Community

• RHS does not maximize student

• Worst condition of any high school
building in RI (State RI -Jacobs Report 2017)

• Catastrophic building failure would
result in Newport paying for our students to be dispersed to multiple districts

• $72M for Repairs Alone

– Structural issues
– Safety concerns
– Not reimbursable by RIDE

• Overcrowding at Pell Elementary

• No home for Pre -K

What Will School Construction do for Newport?

• Support year-round residents by retaining and attracting families seeking quality schools

• Advance our reputation as an
excellent provider of quality schools

• School construction jobs will help our
community and local economy recover from Covid

• We owe it to our children and future
generations to bring back the RHS we all know and love

Why Do We Need the School Bond Now?

• Rogers High School was identified as the “most in need of replacement” in THE ENTIRE STATE. Our kids and our city needs a new high school to support 21st Century learning

• The State has $55.6M to reimburse Newport

• Either Newport gets the $55.6M or the
money goes to another Town

• 18 communities currently seeking RIDE
grant money

Newport’s school bond proposal is eligible for 52.5% reimbursement from the state of Rhode Island thanks to temporary incentives passed as part of the 2018 statewide school bond

  • Educational Enhancements (RHS)
  • Health & Safety (RHS)
  • Replacement (RHS)

  • Newer & Fewer (RHS)
  • Decrease Overcrowding (Pell)
  • Educational Enhancements (Pell)